Friday, January 8, 2010


can you buy photoshop in stores... like a computer store. or does it have to be online?Photoshop????
you can just pirate it 0.o

or however you spell it:DPhotoshop????
Yes! I would advise you call around first to locate the product first. Some computer stores are rather limited in their software selections. If they don't have what you are looking for, don't hang up! Ask the sales rep if he/she knows what store does.

Some Bookstores even carry software so don't rule them out as a last resort.

Good Luck
I'm fairly sure you can get it in stores, I think I remember seeing it in Staples, probably Best Buy, stores like that. However, it's really expensive.
yeah it's like $1,700 depending on what version you get, well that price is for the creative suite

but i think the photoshop itself is $650.00
I've seen it in office supply stores, and some computer stores.
They have it in stores too, but it's super expensive.
you shoudl check futureshop . or call your local electronic stores!
either one

but the programs in a store is much more expensive
I'm gonna sell a Video package on ebay soon, so check Ebay
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