Thursday, December 24, 2009


Okay I've seen pictures like these…

thats my friend. she says she did it by photoshop...but how?!??!?! What's it called? how do you do it?

Thanks in advancePhotoshop?!?
This is really simple to do. Use a tripod and take three images.

Open PhotoShop and as ьο_ғŕд suggests combine the images into one. This will create layers.

Then use the eraser tool to selectively show the layers below.The only trick is to figure which layer goes on top to make the easiest erasing.

Since the entire room does not move, including the objects on the table in all the shots, erasing is very easy.

You do not need to do any selecting, magic wand, pen tool or dodging and burning. You do not need to shoot an image of just the background.

You can see one error in erasing on her right arm of the sitting girl in the back.

A great fun thing to do with your children.Photoshop?!?
appears to be stop ';action'; motion photo, you would set camera in one place and take several images of person in different positions,

then edit in photoshop by putting each photo over each other and erase previous section of layers to show more than one position of person or object, may be good to take one main background image with no person to go by,…………

Composite frames tutorial

not same as stop motion animation,…

That's an ordinary picture. I don't know what your question is.

Oh I see - that's the same girl?

This takes major Photoshop skills, as you have to be able to cut out images and combine them together and make the lighting just right. Off the top of my head, I'd say you need to know the magic wand, pen tool, layers, dodge and burn and more to do this.

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